Plastic-Free Products

Best Seller
A spring salt packet and Only Salt pinch bowl product.

Pinch Bowl Kit

$18 · Free Shipping

Get started with a pinch bowl and spring salt packet.

Best Deal
Spring salt microplastic-free packets and pinch bowl.

Value Pack

$42 $32 · Free Shipping

Bundle and save by getting your pinch bowl and refills at once.

Spring salt refill packets.

Refill Pack

$24 · Free Shipping

Refill your pinch bowl with Only plastic-free Spring Salt.

A happy customer of Only Salt proudly displaying her pinch bowl.

“My family loves the fresh flavor and I love how natural it is.”

Marla Santee / San Diego, CA
Fingers pinching and tossing Only Salt onto a homemade pizza.

“This salt is not salty. It’s a mellow flavor unlike any other.”

John Mannor / Los Angeles, CA
Smiling woman eating meal with Only Salt.

“Pinching and tossing salt feels so pro.”

Jenny Smith / NYC, NY
A fresh cooked meal displaying spring salt and a pinch bowl.

“Plastic-free salt is the new standard in our home, duh?”

Samantha Ross / Boulder, CO
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