Microplastics are a macro health problem. Did you know 90% of sea salts contain microplastics? These plastic bits are quietly floating in our water, food, and even the air we breathe. Although granular in scale, the average American is consuming about 5 grams of plastic every week. That’s the equivalent of one credit card worth of plastic. Every. Week. The scariest part is our limited understanding about the effects of plastic on human health. We’re done taking plastic with a grain of salt.

Spring salt flows from an ancient salt deposit deep under the Andes Mountains — untouched by modern plastic pollution.


Dirty sea water contains all kind of pollutants that most salt brands do not remove.


Microplastics form chemical bonds with toxins that float in our waters. The scariest part is that we don’t know much about how these toxins affect our body.

Fresh Flavor

Large salt grain to show texture.A wooden pinch bowl holding Only spring salt.

Sea salt tastes like a gulp of ocean water — but Only salt comes from a fresh underground hot spring that provides more natural flavors.

Microplastic-Free.     Toxin-Free.     Fresh Flavor.     Additive-Free.     Microplastic-Free.     Toxin-Free.     Fresh Flavor.     Additive-Free.     Microplastic-Free.     Toxin-Free.     Fresh Flavor.     Additive-Free.     Microplastic-Free.     Toxin-Free.     Fresh Flavor.     Additive-Free.     

Say Goodbye to Plastic

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Home Chefs Rave

A happy customer of Only Salt proudly displaying her pinch bowl.

“My family loves the fresh flavor and I love how natural it is.”

Marla Santee / San Diego, CA
Fingers pinching and tossing Only Salt onto a homemade pizza.

“This salt is not salty. It’s a mellow flavor unlike any other.”

John Mannor / Los Angeles, CA
Smiling woman eating meal with Only Salt.

“Pinching and tossing salt feels so pro.”

Jenny Smith / NYC, NY
A fresh cooked meal displaying spring salt and a pinch bowl.

“Plastic-free salt is the new standard in our home, duh?”

Samantha Ross / Boulder, CO